Noah and Lucas visit NYC

Noah and Lucas had a unique opportunity to attend the Challenged Athletes FoundationA Celebration of Heroes, Heart & Hope Gala in NYC and share their unique story of brotherly love, hope, courage and possibilities in support of their cause.

The evening started with a silent auction and a chance for people to connect.


The program was hosted by the Today Show hosts Natalie Morales and Willie Geist.


The event started with Mix Master Mike, a wonderful dance performance by Dancing with the Stars’ fan favorite Amy Purdy, and a song by Challenged Athlete Breezy Bochenek.

20150610_210527 20150610_215439

After dinner, the program began with an introduction of the honoree Byron Roth by gala Chairman Scott Stackman.  Both Scott and Byron delivered inspiring messages.  Next our friend and CAF spokesman Willie Stewart introduced Noah and Lucas.  It was such an honor to have Willie introduce them as he was one of the first people they met before starting their triathlon adventures.   He shared his experience of losing his arm at age 18 during a construction accident as well as a healthy dose of entertainment and encouragement.  Because of his unique journey and passion for the inclusion of people with all types of disabilities in sporting events, he saw the possibilities and encouraged the boys in the sport of triathlon.


After Willie’s inspirational introduction, they showed the boys video and story:

The Aldrich family took the stage and Noah delivered an inspiring message:





If you haven’t taken the opportunity, please visit the Challenged Athlete Foundation website and find out about all the wonderful programs they have that support challenged athletes all across the world.  Also, if you want an extra dose of inspiration, check out their YouTube channel.

May your day be bright and full of possibilities.  With love, the impossible becomes possible!


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