Fun in the California Sun!

In October, Noah and Lucas had the opportunity to go to California for the Challenged Athletes Foundation San Diego Triathlon Challenge.  The one word I would use to describe the weekend was “electric”.  It was a weekend celebrating possibilities and abilities.  It was a time of relaxation, reflection and excitement!

We were able to see old friends and make many, many new friends!


The weekend included swimming and surfing.  A HUGE thanks to The Malibu Underdogs for driving down from Los Angeles to give the boys an opportunity of a lifetime.  The Malibu Underdogs are a dedicated group that provides surf therapy sessions to children with special needs.  Please check out their website, they are changing lives!   Lucas surfed!  Incredible!

The Aldrich Family with The Malibu Underdogs
Noah’s tandem surf debut with Jean Pierre Pereat aka “Pelican”

On Friday evening, Noah and Lucas received the “Rising Star” award at the Challenged Athletes Foundation Celebration of Abilities Dinner at Qualcomm Theater.  Bob Babbitt asked Noah how he feels when he races with Lucas.  His answer: “I feel good because Lucas knows I am doing it for him!”


Finally, the big race day arrived!  The boys were excited and ready to race.  The air was buzzing with excitement as all the kids lined up.

Finish Line!!!  Photo credit:  Rich Cruse


As we approach the wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving, we have a lot to be very thankful for this year.  We are thankful for our journey as a family.  It has not always been easy, but being open to possibilities and not shutting Lucas off from the world has opened up adventures and experiences we never would have dreamed possible.  Thank you for being a part of our lives and adventures.  May you all live each day in the present and live life to the fullest!

For an extra dose of inspiration, please check out the CAF #BestDayInTri video!


Happy Thanksgiving!


Noah and Lucas




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